Cow Print Ear Tag Freshie

Cow Print Ear Tag Freshie

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These freshies are made to order & turn around time is approximately 7-12 business days.  If you have any special requests feel free to reach out !

Scents Descriptions:

Heavenly- Green citrus scent with rose,amber, sweet spice & light hints of vanilla 

Volcano- it’s A clean citrus scent w/ hints of grapefruit

Cowgirl Paradise-  An exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya, and vanilla blossom

Gain- Fresh , clean & citrusy

Wild Cherry- Cherry with hints of orange, peach, strawberry, banana & vanilla

Black ice - just like the little tree fresheners it’s smells masculine with hints of sandalwood

Butt Naked- Green apple, pear, honeydew melon , cherry, & strawberries

Champagne Toast- A blend of sparkly champagne, berries & tangerine

Cactus Blossom- just like the bath & body works scent (cactus flowers, coconut & vanilla)

Blush-a fresh feminine scent of grapefruit & magnolias ( a more subtle version of bombshell)

Bombshell-Citrus, passion fruit & vanilla orchid (more on the floral side)